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Our mission is to facilitate easier and quicker transactions between those who dismantle vehicles for parts and those who repair them. 

Our commitment to the circular economy is at the forefront of our operations, promoting the reuse and recycling of auto parts, reducing waste and environmental impact. 


At WrecKonnect, we envision a future where the used auto parts industry in Australia utilises the power of technology to connect wreckers and repairers like never before.

Our vision is to be the leading force in transforming the industry into a dynamic network, where wreckers and repairers collaborate through our online platform to source and supply quality used auto parts, quickly and easily.

Meet the Team

The brain child of Founder and automotive industry expert Chris Mallon and backed by a team of IT, business and marketing experts, WrecKonnect redefines how automotive dismantlers interact with consumers in the 21st century while meeting the demands of an evolving industry and economic conditions.


Wreckonnect In The Press

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